What is the UPEI English Language Program?

Our programs offer students around the world the unique opportunity to live and grow in an immersive, English-centered environment in Atlantic Canada. Our programs are specially designed to be educational, immersive and exciting with improving students’ English language as the key focus. We offer a diverse range of seasonal programming for university and high school students. We have also designed professional development programs for Teachers of English as a Second Language and for Graduate Teaching Assistants.


Students will live and study in historic Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (PEI). Charlottetown is known as the ‘Birthplace of Confederation’ and is where the first meeting to establish Canada was held in 1864. It’s gorgeous, red, sandy beaches, rolling, green hills, and sandstone cliffs make it a top destination for international travelers. It is no wonder that PEI is the famous setting for Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables novels!

Academic Atmosphere

Our program offers an immersive and academic environment where students will spend 2-6 weeks learning English in the morning and participating in fun, academic, socio-cultural activities in the afternoons. Highly qualified and experienced English language instructors work very hard to help students make improvements in speaking and listening, and to improve their overall confidence in using English.