Faculty News

The Faculty of Arts wants to congratulate Dr. Malcolm Murray (Philosophy), who has been invited to contribute to an international book on the philosophy of God. Edited by Evgeny Loginov, Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies and Faculty of Philosophy, Lomonosov Moscow State University, the collection will be published in both Russian and English. Famous (in the field) contributors include Simon Blackburn, Stephen R.L. Clark, Stephen T. Davis, Robert Kane, John Andrew Leslie, Neil A. Manson, Tim Mawson, J.P. Moreland, Paul Moser, Graham Oppy, Graham Priest, Michael Ruse, Eleonore Stump, Richard Swinburne, Bas van Fraassen, Peter van Inwagen, William J. Wainwright, Merold Westphal, and William Hasker.

Another faculty member in the spotlight is Dr. Benet Davetian (Sociology and Anthropology), who has recently been published in the Encyclopedia of the Renaissance. You can also look for his new book, The Testament, on Amazon.com starting October 15th. Dr. Davetian is working on another new book currently, In the Stillness of My Mind.

Last Monday, Dr. Jeffrey Collins (Political Science) was an election night panelist for SaltWire media where he took part in a conversation about the Green Party of Canada and the “collapse of the Green support” in PEI. In addition, Dr. Collins’ has recently grabbed more people’s attention regarding his paper on the future of Canada’s submarine fleet which points to the “changing geopolitical currents and the proliferation of new weapons among the reasons why a blue water navy needs to incorporate submarines as part of its fleet structure,”. This paper is titled Deadline 2036 – Assessing the requirements and options for Canada’s future submarine force.