Faculty News

Dr. Scott Lee (Modern Languages) has recently published two articles on the work of the contemporary French novelist Yves Ravey. The first, entitled “Obsession et rachat: Enlèvement avec rançon d’Yves Ravey” (in Studi francesi 193 [January-April 2021]: 58-74), was presented in preliminary form at a session of the Fiona Papps Research Series, Dept. of Psychology, UPEI. The second article, “Bourdonnements de l’Autre. Trois jours chez ma tante d’Yves Ravey,” appeared in Les Lettres romanes75, no. 3-4, 2021: 347-368.

Dr. John McIntyre (English) is having a book launch for his new edited volume, Modernism and the Anthropocene: Material Ecologies of Twentieth-Century Literature, published in the fall of 2021 with Rowman & Littlefield Press. He invites colleagues to come out to Upstreet on April 21st at 7pm for a lively conversation about literature and climate. Food and beverages will be available for purchase. 

As part of a special issue on energy in the Atlantic region, the latest issue of Atlantic Business Magazine has published a profile of Dr. Joshua MacFadyen’s (ACLC) research in the ALCL GeoREACH Lab. Quoting the article, titled “P.E.I. Agro-energy—Back to the future of sustainability”,

“To be accurate, this is about his new research which seems to show, in surprising and convincing ways, that old-time farmers were actually more energy efficient, environmentally sustainable, and commercially viable than many of their contemporary, high-tech counterparts.”

You can subscribe to read the full article using this link, https://atlanticbusinessmagazine.ca/article/p-e-i-agro-energy-back-to-the-future-of-sustainability/. In the mean time, please enjoy this scan of the impressive title page introducing the article on Dr. MacFadyen’s work.