Faculty Announcements

This may be a true example of serendipity: the plan to launch our new blog, Articulations, coincided with the announcement of Dr. Ann Braithwaite’s 3M award! So why not feature this announcement as the very first item in the new blog? Congratulations Ann!! Please see the complete announcement on UPEI’s home page: UPEI’s Dr. Ann Braithwaite named a 3M National Teaching Fellow.

The rest of our faculty has also been busy lately:

Dr. Jessica Strong is a recent recipient of a UPEI IRG for her project “Evaluating an acceptance and commitment psychotherapy group in assisted living facilities”.  

Dr. Benet Davetian (Sociology and Anthropology) has completed a new book which is making the rounds of literary agents. He has also completed two articles for the Encyclopedia of the Renaissance, and been asked to sit on the editorial board of a new journal, Humans.

Dr. Richard Lemm (English) recently learned that his memoir, Imagined Truths: Myths of a draft-dodging poet, has been accepted for publication this fall by Tidewater Press in Vancouver. From the publisher’s advance promo: “This amusing, poignant, wry and insightful memoir looks at growing up in a family and country (the USA) you didn’t choose and coming of age in the country (Canada) with the people you did. Myths, both familial and cultural, implode across the 49th parallel.” He and his partner, Prof. Lee Ellen Pottie (English), are waiting for France to re-open sufficiently for them to assume their month-long fellowships in the Chateau d’Orquevaux Artists Colony in Champagne, where they will work on new manuscripts.

Dr. Dale Sorensen, Assistant Professor of Brass in the Department of Music, has received a $6,000 Research and Creation grant from the Canada Council for the Arts to commission Ottawa-based composer Kelly-Marie Murphy to compose a 12-minute multi-movement work for trombone and piano. The new work is to be premiered this summer by Sorensen, along with Dr. Magdalena von Eccher, Assistant Professor of Piano.

Dr. John McIntyre’s (English Language and Literature) book Modernism and the Anthropocene, co-edited with Jon Hegglund of Washington State University, is going into production with this spring for publication in the fall. To be published by Lexington books, an imprint of Rowman and Littlefield, this collection comprises twelve essays from leading scholars who look at modernism’s intersection with the built environment.

Island Studies Press is pleased to announce the publication of Dr. Laurie Brinklow’s (Island Studies) new poetry collection My island’s the house I sleep in at night:

Being an islander means that you aren’t like everyone else,” writes Laurie Brinklow in her new book, My island’s the house I sleep in at night. Bounded by water, you can live your life with certainty knowing where your edges are. Drawn from interviews with artists, writers, and musicians from Newfoundland, Tasmania, and Prince Edward Island, these poems capture what it means to be an islander. To know every rock and tickle, “the sea your road/the hole in the sky/your light to travel by.