Green crab shell secret cracked

The CBC recently profiled work by CERC team member Dr. Sophie St-Hilaire, the Canada Research Chair in Integrated Health Research for Sustainable Aquaculture.

Photo by CBC

The green crab is an invasive species from Europe that has the potential to devastate shellfish fisheries in Atlantic Canada. Lab experiments show a green crab can eat up to 30 young oysters in a single day.

It’s been proposed in the past that a management plan could be created that includes harvesting green crabs for meat. This had been determined unfeasible, because the moutling schedule of the crab was, until recently, unknown.

Dr. St-Hilaire’s team has “cracked” that code, and is working with fishers, processors, and chefs to help.

“What we’re trying to find is a product that will be of high enough value that it’s economically feasible for commercial fishermen to sell it,” said St-Hilaire.

Read the CBC article for more information.  Watch it online here (starts at 7 minutes).

St-Hilaire 2015