ACSC 2022 DH Workshop Materials

Welcome to the Atlantic Canada Studies Conference DH Workshop “Mapping Rural Lives and Environments,” held on 25 May, 2022 at UNB Fredericton. See below for the program and a few of the links and resources that we used in various sessions.

Workshop Program, Mapping Rural Lives and Environments [PDF]

DH Collections I

DH Tools I (The AMPA DataViz app)

  • The “Farm Energy Profile Project” link to GeoLab project page
  • How To Make an AMPA (Agroecosystem Metabolic Profile Application) Technical Guide for ACSC 2022 link on Google Drive (Google Doc format)
  • The Master AMPA (Agroecosystem Metabolic Profile Application) for ACSC 2022 link on Google Drive (Excel .xlsxm format)

DH Tools II (Topic Modeling)

DH Tools III (Mapping)