A Walk on the Edge

Each year, the intrepid students from Dr. Laurie Brinklow’s ‘Islandness: Culture, Change and Identity’ class take a “walk on the edge,” then document their experience – through words and images – of what it’s like being out on the edge of the Island. And, because our class is in the winter semester, the experience isn’t of the usual sun, sand, and sea…

Walk on the Edge: 2020
Featuring: Clay Appell, Sarah Davison, Megan Lane MacDonald, and David Phillips.

Walk on the Edge: 2019
Featuring: Jacob Ashong, Louise Campbell, Catherine Gallant, Maggie Whitten Henry, Patrick Lévêque, Marlene Mulligan, Sherri Russell, Spencer Thompson, and Stefan Yang.

Walk on the Edge: 2018
Featuring: Crystal Burrows, Pamela M. Condon, Chris Huang, Adam Mahar, Emerald Naylor, and Nick Sims.

Walk on the Edge: 2017
Featuring: Ian McIsaac, Mark Carr-Rollitt, and Maureen Pendergast.

Walk on the Edge: 2016
Featuring: Owen Jennings, Chris Huang, LJ Nicholson, Michael H. Conway, Jennifer White, and Chelsea Morrison.

Walk on the Edge: 2015
Featuring: Katharine MacDonald, Erin Rowan, Cristian Morales, Pooja Kumar, Stephanie Douglas, Christina Fontaine, Alicia Lewis, and Izumi Nonaka.

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