A Walk on the Edge – Courtney Sark

A Walk on the Edge
“On the Edge”
Courtney Sark

Although I prefer the beach in the hot summers, there is something amazing about taking a winter walk across the ice- and snow-covered sand. While I would rather the summer experience to include my friends, cold drinks and spikeball, I like to enjoy the winter experience solo, taking the time to reflect upon how I’m feeling.

In the summer I thrive on being surrounded by so many other islanders and tourists enjoying a day off by the water. The sun, sand and water give such a positive energy even if you started the day in a bad mood. Staring into the horizon of water, water, and more water makes it feel as if the perfect day will never end.

A walk on the beach in the winter is my favourite activity to enjoy alone as it is the perfect time to let go of any pent-up emotions I had a hard time releasing. The lack of people on the beach in the winter allows a moment of reflection by staring into the ice-covered water, breathing in the icy air, and breathing out all the chaos.

Being at the edge of the island gives me so much peace. For a moment, you realize how small your problems are, because here you are, on the edge of the ocean, knowing there are over 7 billion other humans around the world, and there must be someone else feeling the same way as you, right? The crisp, fresh air, along with the frozen scenery is good for the soul in a way that the summer experience cannot offer.

Both summer and winter offer a mental cleanse of sorts, because while the other surroundings change with the seasons, you’re always on the edge of the same island.

Covehead Harbour Lighthouse, PEI

Courtney Sark is a Graduate Student in the Master of Arts in Island Studies program at the University of Prince Edward Island.

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