A Walk on the Edge – Kelly Rivera

A Walk on the Edge

Kelly Rivera

Covered in snow, look inside the mixture of sand and foam. 
You’ll find your deepest thoughts and secrets, unraveled by the cold. 
While it arises from head to toe. 
I can’t help myself and keep comparing both shores, 
my one true love, the one I left. 
Chasing a dream some already chased before. 
I was brought up there by the Pacific, 
In a small city near the coast. 
Where everyday was summer even when it was not.
No one worried about layers, 
just the emotional ones. 
Like we all do from time to time, 
especially in my hometown. 
It was hot in almost every aspect,  
a gorgeous city with a cold heart. 
But so cold that even under a weather of 35,  
you just had to walk alone to feel paralyzed. 
Her threats and abuse sent me to this shore, 
where I stand today, 
The warmest shore I’ve ever walked, 
that with temperatures below zero, 
you’ll feel the warm embrace of a mother, 
even when you get lost. 
And I have to admit I’m starting to fall in love again,  
with this shore, the snow, its people… just the beauty of it all.