Function Hierarchy – Use to get a sense of how the system should perform as a whole. This information would then be compared to what was already completed, by previous teams, and where the current team should begin.

Function Hierarchy

Requirements Verification Matrix – The requirements that were developed for this project were organized through the use of a verification matrix. The team developed 3 types of requirements to encompass the different aspects of the project; Automation & Control, Data Acquisition, and System Integration.

These requirements were reviewed at the different stages of the design with adjustments made to reflect how they would be incorporated into the design.

Electrical Schematic – Throughout the design process, 3 revisions of the wiring schematic were created. Each revision served a purpose in the development of the design and aided in getting feedback and moving forward with the component selection and programming.

Page 1 – AC Power Distribution

Page 2 – DC Power Distribution

Page 3 – Digital Inputs on the S7-1200 PLC

Page 4 – Digital Outputs on the S7-1200 PLC & Safety Circuit

Page 5 – Analog Inputs on the S7-1200 Analog Input Module

Page 6 – External Components including Sensors and Motor Controller