International Observe the Moon Night 2017

We’re once again hosting an event to celebrate International Observe the Moon Night which takes place this year on October 28. We’ll have a telescope viewing of the Moon from 6:30-8:30PM in our observatory, plus we’ll have some information and activities about the Moon while you wait for your turn to go up to the telescope.

Our observatory is on the rooftop of UPEI’s Memorial Hall, but we ask that you come first to room 417. Volunteers from local astronomy groups and UPEI Physics will be available to answer any astronomy questions for you while you wait.

It is necessary to climb a flight of stairs to reach the telescope, but the elevator can be taken up to the 4th floor waiting room.Observatory Location & Parking

In the evening hours, campus parking lots are free, with parking lots B and C being the nearest lots to Memorial Hall.

If the weather is cloudy and we cannot observe the Moon, then the event may be postponed or cancelled. This blog post will be updated in the hours preceding the event if a cancellation is necessary.