ConneXions Series this Friday

The Faculty of Arts is pleased to present the next event in this year’s ConneXions Series, entitled Unfinished Surveillance: “Smart” Cameras, Speeding Trucks, and Hidden Labor in Hyderabad, India. Philippe Messier (Department of Sociology and Anthropology) will explore the unfinished conditions of Hyderabad’s infrastructure of mobility by discussing the creative acts of avoidance by stonecutters across a city dominated by tracking technologies. 

This event will be held on Friday, 17 March 2023, 2:30-3:30pm in SDU Main Building Rm 320. 

The Connexions Series aims to foster understanding of the role that the liberal arts play in the construction of knowledge and ways of knowing, and in making sense of the complexities of the world around us. 

For more information, contact Andrew Zinck, ConneXions Coordinator (