Public Viewing “Ad-hoc” schedule: May – August 2015

I’ve talked to some of our telescope volunteers and we’re going to be moving to more of an “ad-hoc” viewing schedule for the summer months.

The schedules of our volunteers gets a bit harder to organize, the viewings are later in the evening, and we need to book our meeting room at least two days in advance.

Instead of booking a date and hoping for better weather, we’ll be looking for a period of time where it looks like really good viewing weather and then trying to find a couple of volunteers.  This means we’ll still be trying to have a viewing about once a month, but it will only be announced at shorter notice and it could be on different days of the week.

How to get the news of the next viewing:

  • Subscribe to our twitter feed, @UPEIAstronomy
  • Subscribe to our Google Groups email listserv, UPEI Telescope
  • Check near the top of this website.

Happy viewing!  I’m really hoping we can get a good viewing in the month of May as Saturn is looking like a good evening viewing target and it’s right up there with Jupiter for my favourite planet.

Check out other good viewing targets picked by Astronomy Magazine for the first half of May 2015!


Skywatching in PEI for April 2015

UPDATE: No viewing evening of Saturday April 11th (too cloudy)

The Cleardarksky predictions for Charlottetown the evening of  Saturday April 11th are pretty bad, so we are cancelling the viewing for tonight.  I’m contacting volunteers to try and reschedule for next Thursday or Saturday evening and the TBA in title above will be updated once confirmed.   The later part of the next week currently has “mainly sunny” as the forecast for Wednesday to Saturday.

Canada’s “Space”, the science fiction television station, has a nice collection of information on star watching, including videos that give tips and information on stars and our solar system’s planets, telescope tips and some nice photos. .


Weather countdown to evening of Sat Mar 21 — will it clear up? (It didn’t.)

So what will the weather be this upcoming Saturday evening, March 21st?

As of Mar 19 — evening not defined yet.  Prediction for Saturday is for “a few flurries” with 1cm of snow and 5-10mm of rain.

As of late on Mar 20th — evening with “mixed precipitation” and the Clear Sky Clock has it too cloudy to forecast.  Will check in the morning, but not looking good for tomorrow evening.

As of 1pm Mar 21st — best we can expect is 70% cloud covered to completely overcast. Evening viewing cancelled.

CSC 21Mar2015 8pm

Perils of the Internet — SPAM

I’m sorry to say that this website has been found by the spam-bots.  You really don’t want to know about the kinds of emails that have been filling my inbox lately.  I’ve been blocking them, but I also have to check and delete them manually.  For at least the short term, I’m going to have to turn off comments.