Climate Lab Team

Adam Fenech, PhD (U of T), Director – Dr. Fenech has worked extensively in the area of climate change since 1988 starting with the IPCC First Assessment Report. He has edited 7 books on climate change, most recently as editor of the international journal on Climate Impacts and Adaptation Science. Dr. Fenech has taught at the University of Toronto since 1998, and lectures regularly at universities across Canada and around the world. Dr. Fenech is presently the director of the Climate Lab and an Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Prince Edward Island.
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Don Jardine, BSc (UNB), Project Manager – Don is the Principal of DE Jardine Consulting in Winsloe South, PEI. He has over 30 years experience with the Government of Prince Edward Island in environmental issues including environmental management, hydro-geological investigations, waste management, environmental assessment, climate change, petroleum storage systems, pesticide management and other fields. For the past three years, he managed climate change adaptation projects on PEI and helped coordinate activities on PEI with those occurring in the other Atlantic Provinces.
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Andrew Clark, MSc (UPEI), Senior Research Assistant – Andrew is a geospatial scientist and is currently a Senior Research Assistant at the Climate Research Lab. Andrew has been with the Lab since 2013 in several capacities. He started as a co-op student, becoming a co-creator and lead developer of the CLIVE program. He worked as the Lab’s geospatial expert before completing a Master’s Degree with the Lab in 2016. Andrew’s Masters work involved a comparison of conventional and emerging methods for characterizing coastal morphology and change. Andrew’s research was the motivation for developing an UAV program at the Lab. Andrew is the pilot-in-command for all UAV operations. Starting September 2017, Andrew will be enrolled at the University of Calgary as a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography.


Stephanie Arnold, MBA (U of T), BASc (U of T), Senior Research Assistant – Stephanie is a graduate in Business Administration and Chemical Engineering.  She began working with the UPEI Climate Lab as a Research Assistant in 2014.  She wrote successful funding proposals and managed two large multi-partner research projects that focused on climate change adaptation in Atlantic Canada.  She co-edited a book Global Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities and co-authored a report Using Cost-Benefit Analysis to Evaluate Climate Change Adaptation Options in Atlantic Canada.  She also contributed to the development of a strategic plan for the Climate Lab and a business plan for the award-winning geo-visualization tool CLIVE.  In her current role, she developed the Prince Edward Island Climate Change Adaptation Recommendations Report for the Government of Prince Edward Island.  The report outlines anticipated climate change impacts for 10 different sectors – Agriculture, Education and Outreach, Energy, Fish and Aquaculture, Forestry and Biodiversity, Insurance, Properties and Infrastructure, Public Health and Safety, Tourism, and Water – and recommends a total of 97 adaptation actions to address them.  Stephanie continues to collaborate with researchers and develop strategic plans in the field of climate change adaptation.
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Ahmad Abd-El-Aziz, PhD candidate (UPEI)

The focus of Ahmad’s research is on the link between climate and effects on health outcomes, with a specific focus on prenatal fetal stress, using existing data from medical databases (morbidity/mortality or hospital admission) and climate databases. The target region for his research will be Atlantic Canada. Due to the small size and population of PEI, medical specialists elsewhere in Atlantic Canada also serve residents of PEI. Therefore, to yield a more complete picture of health in Atlantic Canada, he will attempt to compare the results in Charlottetown to elsewhere in the Maritimes, such as Halifax and St. John. Extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, and long-term weather effects, such as periods of extreme heat or cold, will also be addressed, as well as short and long-term health outcomes, for example both low birth weights and cardiopulmonary diseases later in life.


 Andy MacDonald, MSc (UPEI)

Andy graduated from UPEI with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Chemistry, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Environmental Science. He has worked on the provincial coastal erosion monitoring project for the past two years and has focused his studies on shoreline armouring, coastal erosion and using drones for coastal research.


Crystal Burrows, BBA (UPEI), MAIS Candidate (UPEI), CPA, CA

Crystal is a Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant with experience in public practice, academia, private industry and the public sector. Previously, she taught financial and managerial accounting as well as corporate finance at the UPEI School of Business. She now works as the Chief Financial Officer of the PEI Energy Corporation, a provincial Crown corporation tasked with developing and promoting energy systems in PEI. Crystal is also pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Island Studies. Her research focus is on climate change mitigation through renewable energy and the impact that climate, economics, legislation, and islanders have on the adoption of renewable energy solutions on small islands, particularly PEI.


Juliana Granzoti, Undergraduate Student

Juliana Fernandes Granzoti is a current student at the University of Prince Edward Island. Originally a student from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil, she transferred to UPEI in 2017 to continue her studies in Environmental Science and Island Studies. Since her arrival she has completed research for the Climate Research Lab, helping with the collection and analysis of coastal erosion data. She is expected to graduate in the Winter Semester 2019 and hopes to continue her studies in the field.

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