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Theatre 2440 will next be offered during the Fall Term of 2017 on Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30 to 12:45.  For enrollment information, please contact Dr. Greg Doran.

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Theatre Studies
Coordinator: Greg Doran, English

Theatrical performance is one of the most significant art forms in the history of civilization; it exemplifies the connection between Art and people. Unlike most forms of studied literature, dramatic literature is intended to be performed for and experienced by an audience. As a result, Dramatic literature exists between scholarly and practical realms.

It requires the acquisition of both analytic and practical skills. UPEI’s Minor in Theatre Studies offers students the opportunity to develop their analytic, practical, and creative skills required for theatrical production. The Minor in Theatre Studies provides students with foundational skills on which they can pursue their interest in the Theatre, or any area of study.

A Minor in Theatre Studies consists of twenty one (21) semester hours of credit taken from the list of approved courses. Theatre 2440, Theatre 3440, Theatre 4340, and Theatre 4440 are compulsory for the Minor.  Prospective students should note, however, that Theatre 4440 requires students to make a significant contribution to a Theatre Studies production, or another production approved by the Coordinator of Theatre Studies. Theatre 4440 will, typically, be only offered in the Winter Term of the academic year. Students enrolled in Theatre 4440 will be under the direct supervision of the Coordinator of Theatre Studies, or an approved supervisor. In addition, students must select three elective courses. Students using any of the approved courses to complete the Minor in Theatre Studies may not also use them to complete a Major.


This course introduces students to the foundational elements of the theatre. It provides students with a variety of performance skills, including voice, movement, and character development. Students also study performance theories, such as those of Stanislavski and Viola Spolin, and theatrical elements. Using a selection of plays from a variety of historical periods, students gain practical experience in developing the core practical skills associated with drama production and performance.
Cross-listed with English (English 2440)
PREREQUISITE: Permission of the Instructor
Three hours a week

This course introduces students to the advanced elements of the theatre, and builds on the foundational skills acquired in Theatre 244. The course explores advanced character development, directing, design, dramaturgy, performance theories (such as those of Michael Bloom and Peter Brook), and theatrical elements. Using a selection of plays from a variety of historical periods, students gain practical experience in developing the skills of advanced drama production.
Cross-listed with English (English 344)
PREREQUISITES: Theatre 244 and permission of the Instructor
Three hours a week

It is a variable topics course.
PREREQUISITE: One of Theatre 244, 344, or 444, or the permission of the Coordinator of Theatre Studies. For course information, please contact the Coordinator of Theatre Studies.
Three hours a week

This course provides students with a laboratory where they can put the skills and theories learned in Theatre 244 and 344 into practice in a production situation. Students are expected to make a significant contribution to this production, which is either under the direction of the Coordinator of Theatre Studies or is a supervised placement with a professional or semiprofessional theatre company.
PREREQUISITES: Theatre 244, Theatre 344, and the permission of the Coordinator of Theatre Studies.
Three hours of credit

NOTE: Students who are in the Majors or Honours English programs must take at least one elective outside the English Department.

English 1950 Introduction to Drama
English 2220 Reading Film: Introduction to Film Studies
English 2550 Introduction to Shakespeare                                                                      English 2560: Shakespeare in Film and Media
English 2850 Linguistics I: The Sound System of English
English 3030Contemporary Drama
English 3150 English Canadian Drama
English 3410 Modern Drama
English 3570 Renaissance Drama
English 3670 Restoration and Eighteenth Century Drama
English 4550 Advanced Studies in Early Modern Literature

Classics 2120 Ancient Tragedy
Classics 2220 Ancient Comedy

Modern Languages (French)
3390 Théàtre Canadienne Français
3440 XVIIe Siecle: Le Grand Siecle II

Diversity and Social Justice Studies
3020 Constructing Difference and Identity
3110 Identity and Popular Culture

With the approval of the Coordinator, the Dean of Arts, and the relevant Department, a student may credit three hours of Directed Studies in any subject towards the Minor in Theatre.

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