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Love in the Digital Age: Vagabond Productions Presents

Dead Man’s Cell Phone, March 22-25, 2017.

Dead Man's Cell Phone

Adi and Kassinda in Dead Man’s Cell Phone                                     photo by AMP

Did you see the show? If not, you missed a good one. Vagabond Productions is busy dreaming up next year’s show, so check back in the Fall to learn more.

Would you answer a stranger’s cell phone? Well, Jean does, and so begins Dead Man’s Cell Phone, by Sarah Ruhl. The play is a funny take on relationships in the digital age. Jean’s decision to answer the phone is complicated because its owner is dead. This simple action draws Jean into Gordon’s world, taking her places she never expected.

“The play explores a lot of timely issues, given people’s addiction to their cell phones. The play asks questions about how technology effects relationships,” says director Greg Doran. Once Jean answers Gordon’s phone, she is learns about his life and his dark secret. “The play is really funny and dark at times. It asks questions about love in the digital age, when face to face contact has been reduced, friend has become a verb, and social media has made us antisocial. If you wonder where all of the cell traffic goes, this play is for you.”

The play runs March 22 to March 25, 2017, in the Faculty Lounge, in the Main Building, on the UPEI campus. The doors open at 7 for a 7:30 pm start. Admission is pay what you can. The play contains adult language, so it may not be appropriate for younger audiences. For more information, you can call UPEI Theatre Studies at 902-566-6013 or email