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A Pleasant Evening with Mucedorus

This year Vagabond Productions takes its audience back to the Renaissance, but not for a visit with the familiar playwright you might expect. It isn’t very often directors and theatre troupes venture into the realm of the Renaissance without Shakespeare being involved in some respect. This year, however, Greg Doran and the cast and crew are presenting a show that has no known author.

Don’t mistake that for meaning there won’t be familiarity. The classic Renaissance comedic stylings and flowing iambic pentameter are still very much present and accounted for. Vagabond are looking to take this show and run with it in an over the top fashion so that uproarious laughter will be an unavoidable pleasantry, as the troupe returns to the UPEI faculty lounge in 2019. If you like The Princess Bride, then you’ll love A Most Pleasant Comedy of Mucedorus.

The production runs from March 12th to 16th and seating is limited with no pre-sale tickets available. So, if you’d like to catch a classic, family-friendly Renaissance style show that you’ve never seen before, make sure to head over to The Faculty Lounge in The Main Building at UPEI. The doors open at 7:00 pm, for a 7:30 pm start. Admission is “pay-what-you-can.” For more information, contact UPEI Vagabond Productions on Facebook, at, or call 902-566-6013.