What’s Happening: News, Events, and How to Get Involved.


Proof that Devin is at The Stratford Festival.

Thanks to Dr. Shannon Murray for taking the photo in the Festival lobby.

On-Campus Activities

We are all quiet for the summer. Check back in September.

Off-Campus Activities

The Buzz

Check The Buzz for information about what is going on in town and around the Island.

How to Get Involved

The Theatre Studies Program

If you are interested in learning more about the The Program, beyond what is listed in UPEI’s calendar, contact Dr. Greg Doran.  He will be happy to help.

Theatre Society

The Theatre Society is the student-run extracurricular Theatre group on campus. If you are interested in being involved with the Theatre Society, simply drop an email to Theatre Society.  In that way, you can get on the list and learn about all of the activities of the Society, including productions, movie nights, social activities, and improv games and championships.