The Health-Centered Research Clinic (HCRC) is an initiative of the PEI Primary and Integrated Healthcare Innovations Network and is located on the campus of the University of Prince Edward Island. The purpose of this research clinic is to conduct person-centered research that will promote health and wellness across the lifespan. At the HCRC new models of care and therapies are developed for chronic and acute health conditions and technologies are developed to support the proactive maintenance of health.

Our vision is to create a vibrant and productive patient oriented research community in PEI that is linked regionally and nationally to deliver more integrated, cost-effective primary and integrated health care that leads to improved health outcomes for Islanders. Utilizing a collaborative approach, we will focus on innovative evidence-based initiatives that promote  efficient and effective care to meet today‚Äôs challenges

The purpose of the UPEI Health Centred Research Clinic is to create an environment that will foster enhanced learning opportunities for students while enabling care for selected primary healthcare initiatives. The UPEI Health Centred Research Clinic is an environment that will help to move ideas from the what if we did this — to the, what happens when we do this stage. 

By creating both a physical and a virtual environment, whereby evidence based research is used to explore innovations in primary healthcare practices we can provide new ways of thinking about health across a variety of cohorts and health conditions. The UPEI Health Centred Research Clinic is an environment in which research teams have enhanced learning opportunities to carry out primary healthcare initiatives. 

The UPEI Health Centred Research Clinic is a place where research teams can work within the PEI SPOR PIHcI Network, collaborate across networks to create a network of networks, and partner with the National Coordinationg Office. In this way, the UPEI Health Centred Research Clinic will become a destination where the advancement of primary healthcare is accomplished through innovative research and practice.