Public Health Agency of Canada Vaccine Literacy Project

As part of our ongoing work on vaccine literacy, we recently put together a collection of evidence-based resources on recommended childhood and respiratory vaccines in PEI. This curriculum has been vetted by the PEI Chief Public Health Office and a Family Advisory Council. The purpose of this curriculum is to increase knowledge and understanding of recommended vaccines in PEI to help families make informed decisions about immunization. This project was funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.    

Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed for families with children under 18 years old and covers a wide range of topics, including recommended vaccines in PEI, the importance of vaccination, the science behind vaccines, and even ways to reduce pain and fear associated with vaccines. We have made it engaging and informative, suitable for various age groups and cultural backgrounds.  

This curriculum was purposely developed for use by community organizations, including the network of PEI Family Resource Centres.

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