Coastal Erosion and Sea Level Rise – Preparing for Prince Edward Island’s Future

Join us on Tuesday February 11 at 7pm for the UPEI Climate Lab Lecture Series as Dr. Adam Fenech, director of the Climate Lab, presents results from recent coastal erosion research projects conducted on Prince Edward Island. The change in PEI’s coastline has been measured mapped and analyzed from 1968 to 2010. Buildings, roads and bridges have been assessed as to their vulnerability to future coastal erosion and sea level rise. Come see how our communities will be affected. Dr. Fenech will present the results of this research including the unveiling of a new interactive 3-D geo-visualization platform known as CLIVE. CLIVE allows stakeholders to interactively explore PEI’s coastline, and scenarios of future climate change, sea-level rise and storm surges. The presentation will take place in the amphitheatre of UPEI’s Duffy Science Centre. For more information, contact the Climate Lab at 902 620-5221 or