What is that? Primary Document of the Month

The document that you see in the display case in the hallway of the 4th floor of the Main Building is significant for several reasons. It is the 1962 issue of the CITÉ LIBRE magazine. This magazine was co founded by Pierre-Elliott Trudeau (former Prime Minister and Justin’s father) and Gérard Pelletier. Here is an audio file of Trudeau and Pelletier discussing the importance of their magazine: https://www.cbc.ca/archives/entry/cite-libre-trudeaus-influential-little-magazine

This special issue on separatism was a major statement on different political options for Quebec. CITÉ LIBRE was a influential magazine that generated ideas for change in Quebec during the province’s Quiet Revolution. Want to know more? Sign up for UPEI’s HIST1020 Post Confederation Canada or HIST3520 History of Quebec. Meanwhile, check out this early debate between Trudeau and his rival, future separatist leader René Lévesque: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVZOopTpG88