A Walk on the Edge | 2015

Each year, Dr. Laurie Brinklow asks students from her IST 614 class: Islandness: Culture, Change and Identity to take a “walk on the edge” as part of our discussion around what “the edge” means to islanders. This is generally not a hardship when you live on Prince Edward Island: it usually means a welcome trip to the beach. However, when you ask them to do so in January… well… it’s not so much fun. But the students stepped up to the plate, and in wonderful fashion they tell us here what it’s like to walk the edge of Prince Edward Island – on a freezing cold day in January 2015.

A Walk on the Edge
Katharine MacDonald

A Walk on the Edge
Erin Rowan

A funeral message/a vital design
Cristian Morales

A Walk on the Edge
Stephanie Douglas

A Walk on the Edge
Izumi Nonaka

Additional contributions:

· A Walk on the Edge (Pooja Kumar)

· Discovering Islandness: A Winter Beach Journey (Christina Fontaine)

· A Walk on the Edge (Alicia Lewis)