Sails & Tales

Welcome to Sails & Tales, a new journal of Island Studies from a class of Master of Arts in Island Studies at UPEI. We are pleased to bring you a selection of writing and images that will transport you on a journey to the world’s islands, starting off at homeport, here on Prince Edward Island. We invite you along for the sail!

Photo by Sarah Davison


Book Reviews
The Cove Journal by JoDee Samuelson | Clay Appell

Listening for the Dead Bells by Marian Bruce | Megan Lane MacDonald

So Many Islands edited by Nicholas Laughlin and Nailah Folami Imoja | David Phillips

Complicated Simplicity by Joy Davis | Sarah Davison

Winter Isle | Manufactured Isle | Clay Appell

The Certainty of Truth | Inauguration | Change | Megan Lane MacDonald

To Trebetherick Point | I met the only person… | Leaving Sandymouth | David Phillips

A walk to the Chapel | Sarah Davison

Chagossian Exile: Lest We Forget | Clay Appell

I can see the sea | David Phillips

A Call in the Night | Megan Lane MacDonald

A Walk Through the Woods | Megan Lane MacDonald

Comedy Sketch | Clay Appell

An Island Business
Chapel Hill Cavendish | Sarah Davison

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