A Walk on the Edge

Each year, the intrepid students from Dr. Laurie Brinklow’s Islandness: Culture, Change and Identity class take a “walk on the edge,” then document their experience – through words and images – of what it’s like being out on the edge of the Island. And, because our class is in the winter semester, the experience isn’t of the usual sun, sand, and sea…

  • A Walk on the Edge: 2023
    Featuring: Mah Ara Ahmadi, Akinbinu Akinkunle Akintan, Andrew MacPherson, Rabab Hussein, Mariesze Geraldine Ebert, Barbara Rousseau,
  • A Walk on the Edge: 2022
    Featuring: Tristan Atkins, Caitlin Audas, Wendy Collett, Zac Elsinga, Kelly Rivera, Helen M. Ryan, Fiona Steele, and Richard Wedge.
  • A Walk on the Edge: 2021
    Featuring: Greg Ellison, Jenna Gaudet, Alyssa Gillespie, Stephanie Hudson, Galina Liou, Maitland MacIsaac, Eliza MacLauchlan, Ken Nguyen, Olubiyi Adebayo Michael, and Courtney Sark.
  • A Walk on the Edge: 2019
    Featuring: Jacob Ashong, Louise Campbell, Catherine Gallant, Maggie Whitten Henry, Patrick Lévêque, Marlene Mulligan, Sherri Russell, Spencer Thompson, and Stefan Yang.
  • A Walk on the Edge: 2018
    Featuring: Crystal Burrows, Pamela M. Condon, Chris Huang, Adam Mahar, Emerald Naylor, and Nick Sims.
  • A Walk on the Edge: 2016
    Featuring: Owen Jennings, Chris Huang, LJ Nicholson, Michael H. Conway, Jennifer White, and Chelsea Morrison.
  • A Walk on the Edge: 2015
    Featuring: Katharine MacDonald, Erin Rowan, Cristian Morales, Pooja Kumar, Stephanie Douglas, Christina Fontaine, Alicia Lewis, and Izumi Nonaka.