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What is the Buddy Program?

International Buddy Program at UPEI

A new incoming international student is paired with a returning domestic or international student to be their buddy. These buddies share their personal experiences about UPEI and PEI with new international students.

The primary purpose of this program is to provide individualized assistance and a smooth transition for new international students. By assisting students in adapting to a new country, culture, and environment; we hope to create a less stressful transition and a more hospitable, welcoming atmosphere at UPEI. We also hope the volunteers would have the opportunity to exchange their cultural experiences and to develop cross-cultural communication skills. Volunteers who are planning to go on an exchange program in the future are encouraged to participate in this program. This program is all about exchanging experiences, making international friendships and learning about different cultures. This program is open to all returning students of UPEI!

Who can join and be part of the Buddy Program?


Buddies can only be a new incoming international students or an international students who could not register for buddy program prior to the semester for any reason.

Application to Become a Buddy ( New Student)

Buddy Volunteer:

Buddy volunteers can be any returning domestic or international students.

Application to Become a Buddy Volunteer (Returning Students)


When does it start?   The Buddy Program takes place every semester. The Buddy Coordinator will keep in touch with you throughout the semester to inform and remind you about Buddy Program activities going around campus throughout the year.  

How does it work or what do we do?

The Buddy Coordinator will pair up one “Buddy Volunteer” and one “Buddy” based on the answers given by each of you in your applications. After that, the Buddy Volunteers will be tasked to keep contact with their respective Buddy throughout the semester and help them with their transition to PEI and UPEI.

The Buddy Coordinator on the hand, will be organizing and hosting events and activities exclusive to students in the International Buddy Program. The events will vary greatly, but all of them WILL be lots of fun! Both Buddy Volunteers and Buddies are encouraged to assist events, and will be reminded about said events throughout the semester by the coordinator on both the Facebook pages and email chains.  

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Please find the attached link to the International Buddy Program Handbook. It is a very useful link for buddy volunteers but buddies can also benefit from it greatly:  International Buddy Program Handbook 2021-2022