Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my buddy is no longer coming to UPEI?

  • Contact the Buddy Coordinator so you can get a new buddy assigned to you. If you wish to remain in contact with this person, however, that is great!

My buddy or buddy volunteer in unresponsive both on social media and emails, I cannot get in contact with them at all! What should I do?

  • Sadly, this can happen every now and then. Your buddy might have changed their mind about being part of the program, or established themselves nicely on their own. If you wish to have a new buddy, contact the coordinator.  If you wish to opt out of the program, feel free to do so as well.

My buddy or buddy volunteer and I are not getting along well, or, we do not seem to be “clicking together” like other buddies and volunteers, what should I do?

  • Contact your Buddy Coordinator so she can help mediate between the both of you to see if there is a specific issue at hand. If the relationship cannot be fixed for whatever reason, your Buddy Coordinator will help each of you find a new respective buddy and buddy volunteer; or, give you the option to opt out of the program.

My buddy or buddy volunteer is making me feel “uncomfortable”, “threatened”, or is asking too much of me; what do I do?

  • The Buddy Coordinator is here to ensure that both volunteers and buddies have a positive and enriching experience. If at any point your buddy or buddy volunteer is putting you in an undesirable position, do not hesitate to contact your Buddy Coordinator for help!

My buddy seems to be struggling with issues beyond the scope of what I can help them with or have knowledge of, (visa, study permit, or work issues; mental or physical health issues) what should I do?

  • Redirect to one of our many resources available on campus:
  • Health and Wellness Center (W.A. Murphy Student Center, 2nd Floor)
  • Academic Advising and Counseling (5th Floor Dalton Hall)
  • International Students Office (4th Floor Dalton Hall)

If in doubt, check with the Buddy Coordinator as well for extra help!

I saw or am aware of a buddy or buddy volunteer neglecting their duties, bullying, discriminating, or in general; an individual giving another a negative experience in the program. What should I do?

  • Immediately contact the Buddy Coordinator, and if you think it is within your current set of abilities and experience, help alleviate the situation to the best of your ability until the Buddy Coordinator can intervene.

I helped by buddy settle up in PEI and UPEI, and we do not have contact anymore or they seem adamant to continue contact, what should I do?

  • If your buddy only wanted to be part of the program for the adaptation procedure, that is their call and you can either contact the Buddy Coordinator to be set up with a new buddy, or opt out of the program.

My buddy or buddy volunteer does not seem enthusiastic or willing to go to Buddy Program events or activities but I really want to go, what should I do?

  • While the buddy program tries to do a variety of activities for everyone`s liking, and it is always open for suggestions from both volunteers and buddies, sometimes these things happen. You can still come to any activity even without your program partner, and can even bring in a friend out of the program if you desire to do so!

I know someone who wishes to be a buddy or buddy volunteer, but the program has already begun and couples seem to already be set up, can I still participate?

  • The buddy program is always open to new members and tries to include everyone as much as possible. Contact the Buddy Coordinator to see what can be done.

I have friends outside the buddy program who show interest in participating in Buddy Program activities but do not wish to get fully involved, can they come?

  • The buddy program aims to be as inclusive as possible. Invitation is open to anybody, however, if it is an activity with limited space (ski trip, apple picking, corn maze, etc…), members of the Buddy Program will always be given priority.

My buddy or buddy volunteer is not exactly what I expected or “wanted” based on my application, is it a mistake?

  • Based on the content given to the Buddy coordinator in applications, he does his best to match individuals; however, this process is not always perfect. Try to be open minded, and willing to work it out as it might be a growing experience for both! If impossible, contact the Buddy Coordinator for further assistance.

The buddy program is proving to be more than I can handle, or it is becoming an impediment with my schedule, school, work, or health; what can I do?

  • If at any point either, buddy or buddy volunteer, feels the Buddy Program is more than they can currently handle, we expect students to prioritize their well-being and opt out. If you plan on doing so, just be sure to give a heads-up to the coordinator with as much time as possible so he can handle the situation or assist you in any way.

I have an issue, however, I do not feel comfortable discussing it with the Buddy Coordinator; or in general, do not like the Buddy Coordinator, what can I do?

  • As the Buddy Coordinator writing this, it would sadden me if this was the case; however, feel free to contact or discuss this issue with someone at the International Relations Office, and I am sure someone will do their best to help you out.

I have a question or inquiry, and I cannot find the answer here, what do I do now?

  • First, check the website to see if you can find the answer; if not, feel free to contact the Buddy Coordinator.