If you are currently on this page, it means that you have heard or learnt enough about the Buddy Program and wish to become a part of it:

every buddy needs some buddy

Now you have two choices, and just apply for the description that fits you best:

Are you looking to volunteer? 

This is for returning domestic or international students at UPEI.

Do you wish to learn about another culture? What about sharing your own? Be a mentor, friend, guide, or all three for a new student on campus? Being a volunteer is lots of fun, and gives you a chance to make new connections. If you are a student who wishes to be part of our amazing crew of volunteers, please fill the form.

Are you a new student?

This is for incoming international students to UPEI.

Congratulations! You have been accepted to UPEI, and now, are looking to make your experience here even greater by becoming part of buddy program. The buddy program is made with the purpose of enriching and smoothing your transitional experience!

If you are an incoming international student and would like to apply for the International Buddy Program, please fill out the form.