Courses Taught

Course Code Course Name Course Description
ENGN 2210 Engineering Projects I This course is the first in a two-course sequence, which provides a complete community design experience.  In 221, students go through a self-selecting team and project based process in response to request for proposals prepared by community partners.  Students are required to research and analyze the client’s situation (internal/external) and develop detailed analytical proposals and conceptual design options for their community partner.  Concepts are developed into detailed designs and prototypes in Engineering 122. End of term client presentation are used as hold points and to provide focus and direction for the second term.
PREREQUISITE: Engineering 122 with a grade of at least 60%, Engineering 131, Engineering 152, Physics 112, Chemistry 112, Statistics 221 and Math 192
Three hours lecture and three hours lab per week
ENGN 2220 Engineering Projects II A continuation of engineering 221, students will complete detailed paper designs of their concepts, in-depth engineering analysis, as well as develop a physical model or demonstration to support the recommended design solution.  Working closely with community partners and faculty, students will learn how to manage a complex client oriented project, supported by accurate numerical analysis and professional documentation.  Client interaction and presentations occur at selected hold points and demonstration of concept at a public industry expo is required.
PREREQUISITE: Engineering 221 with a grade of at least 60%
Three hours of lecture and three hours of lab per week
ENGN 2340 Engineering Dynamics This course is a study of mechanics concerned with the state of motion of rigid bodies that are subject to the action of forces. The course considers the kinematics and kinetics of motion applied particles and rigid bodies particularly as it relates to engineering applications and design. Topics include rectilinear and curvilinear motions, normal and tangential coordinates, dependent motion, Newton’s Laws of Motion, energy and momentum methods.
PREREQUISITE: Engineering 122, Engineering 131, Engineering 152 and Math 192
Three hours lecture and three hours lab per week
ENGN 2350 Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines This course introduces fundamental concepts in the analysis of linkages and other aspects of complex machinery. Using graphical and analytical methods and relying on static and dynamic principles previously learned, students are exposed to a variety of cams, gears and trains in an applied context. Simple gyroscopic effects are also introduced.
PREREQUISITE: Engineering 234 and Math 291
Three hours lecture and three hours of laboratory per week
ENGN 2430 Engineering Economics This course provides students with the fundamentals of engineering economics and finance financial aspects in the context of professional engineering practice. Topics include the time value of money, project screening, cost estimation, and discounting analysis techniques. Economic analysis of depreciation, maintenance, replacement and upgrading and the impact of taxes, inflation and time on infrastructure development. Relevant software and projects are used.
PREREQUISITE: Engineering 122, Engineering 131, Engineering 152 and Math 192
Three hours lecture and three-hour tutorial per week
ENGN 2610 Thermo-Fluids I This course is designed to provide the student with a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of thermodynamics (first and second laws) and the application of these principles to engineering problems. Topics included are: the nature and forms of energy; basic concepts of systems, properties, states and processes; energy transfer as work and heat; energy and The First Law of Thermodynamics; entropy and The Second Law of Thermodynamics; and heat engine cycles. The analysis of various systems for power generation or refrigeration is also included.
PREREQUISITE: Engineering 122, Engineering 131 and Engineering 152. Math 291 must be completed or taken concurrently
Three hours lecture and three lab hours per week
ENGN 2620 Thermo-Fluids II This course is an introduction to the field of fluid mechanics. Topics covered include properties of fluids, forces on submerged surfaces, stability of floating objects, ideal fluid flow, and momentum and energy methods. Concepts of similitude are introduced and fundamental scaling parameters in real fluids. Turbulence is introduced; pipe flow problems and lift/drag problems are solved.
PREREQUISITE: Engineering 261 and Math 291
Three hours lecture and three hours lab per week
ENGN 3580 Soil Mechanics This course explores the fundamentals of soil mechanics and their applications in engineering practice. Students will develop an understanding about the physical properties of soils, and will examine the behavior of soil masses subjected to various forces. The list of topics to be covered in this course include: soil composition and texture, physical properties of soils, classification of soils, permeability and seepage, consolidation, settlement, shear strength, vertical stresses  in  soils, soil exploration, bearing capacity and slope stability of soils.
PREREQUISITES:  Engineering 354
Three hours of lecture and three hours of lab per week