News Bulletin

  • Team members attended the annual Canadian Society of BioEngineering conference in Guelph, Ontario from July 22-25th.


  • Smart Farming: The Pathway to a Sustainable Agricultural Future. Potatoes Australia. July 2018. Available at:

Potatoes-Australia_June-July_Web 20

  • Precision Application of dry Fertilizer in Wild Blueberry Fields. July 2018. Available at:

  • Remote sensing: The Technology, Current use, and Future Outlook. Spud Smart. June 4, 2018. Available at:

  • UPEI to design toaster-size satellite as part of national space agency initiative. The Guardian Newspaper. May 15, 2018. Available at:

  • Technology in development will enable spot spraying in potatoes and soybeans, saving money and reducing environmental impact – SpudSmart Magazine 2018.Available at:

  • UPEI to design, build toaster-sized space satellite. CBC News. Available at:

  • NSERC funds UPEI research into smarter application of agriculture resources. UPEI Marketing and Communications. Available at:

  • How do you make potato farming more efficient? This UPEI project aims to find out. CBC Canada (Radio, TV, and online). Available at:

  • SpudNik-1: Design, development and deploying of a CubeSat for Canadian Space Agency. Available at:

  • PEI researchers working on a smart pesticides sprayer. Farm Focus Magazine. Volume 46. November 2017.
  • A high-tech tool could help P.E.I. farmers spray the weeds — but not the plants, CBC

Canada (October 16, 2017)

  • Best Graduate Thesis (Ph.D.) Award, Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture News:

  • Faculty of Agriculture professors honored for their teaching impact., Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture e-News

Faculty of Agriculture professors honored for their teaching impact

  • Precision Agriculture: Dalhousie University agriculture research reduces agrochemical use in wild blueberry fields., Agricola Magazine 2013; Volume 39

  • Nova Scotia Agricultural College represented at an international agriculture seminar. NSAC e Bulletin; January 2012.

  • Best Oral Presentation Award, Canadian Society of Hort. Sciences Newsletter; Volume 6