Graduate Students


Ahmad Zeeshan Bhatti                      PhD Environmental Science

Mr. Bhatti is an Agricultural Engineer and specialized Water Manager. He has been working with Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) for more than 13 years. He is an ambitious researcher and implemented 8 R&D projects in different agro-climatic zones of Pakistan.  He has 17 national and international publications so far to his credit. His recent initiative of Irrigation Advisory Services in collaboration with University of Washington, USA, is getting world’s appreciation. He is certified from world famous institutes like USGS, Water Science Centre Tacoma, Oracle Corporation, California, USA, University of Western Australia, Perth and Hydrological Engineering Centre, Davis, USA etc. Mr. Bhatti’s professional specialties include rainwater harvesting technologies, gravity and pressurized irrigation systems, integrated water modeling and research dissemination. He is presently pursuing PhD Environmental Sciences at University of Prince Edward Island, Canada under the supervision of Dr. Aitazaz Farooque and Dr. Nicolas Crouglicof. He will be conducting water balance studies of the Prince Edward Island and climate change implications.


Hassan Afzaal, M.Sc SDE

Hassan is working on the Precision Irrigation Project. He graduated from the Agricultural Engineering program of the University of Agriculture in Faisalabad Pakistan. He worked in the United States-Pakistan center of Advanced Studies (US-PCAS) for a year and a half. He is now in the first year of his Master’s program in Sustainable design engineering at UPEI. His interest areas are agricultural automation, Image Processing, Precision Agriculture, Precision Irrigation, Internet of Things, GIS and RS.

Melanie Bos, M.Sc SDE

Melanie Bos graduated from Dalhousie University (Agricultural Campus) in 2017, where she completed a Bachelor of Science with a major in Environmental Sciences. Along with a background in agriculture, her interest in soil science and nutrient interactions in the environment sprouted during her time as a summer student measuring greenhouse gas emissions from potato fields.  This interest has led her to recently begin her Master’s of Science in Sustainable Design Engineering with a focus on assessing the environmental benefits of precision agricultural practices used in potato crop systems.

Nazar Hussain, M.Sc SDE

Nazar has completed his agricultural engineering degree from the University of Agriculture of Faisalabad, Pakistan. He is now working on a Smart Spraying System (SSS) project by using Sensor Technology associated with the Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering program at UPEI. He worked as a Research Assistant in the United States-Pakistan funded research project titled “Variable Rate System for Citrus Orchards Using on the Go Sensors” and in UAV Crop Monitoring projects for two years. He also won the national prize by developing a sensor based VR sprayer. His main areas of experimental research include Precision Agriculture, Farm Mechanization, Sensing Technology, Image Processing, High Efficiency Irrigation Systems, GIS and Remote Sensing.

Ankita Shrestha, M.Sc SDE

Ankita received her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tribhuvan, Nepal. She is now an MSc student at Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering.  Her work focuses on hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) of sea lettuce to produce hydrochar and biogas with the recovery of nutrients where she has developed a semi-continuous HTC system.


Holly Wilts, M.Sc SDE

Holly Wilts is a first year MSc-Sustainable Design Engineering student at UPEI.  She is interested in sustainable food security, particularly how agriculture can be more efficient and less impactful on the environment.   She will be studying how willow shelterbelts impact the greenhouse gas balance of agricultural riparian zones.


Abhishek Pokharel, M.Sc SDE


Raj Dahl, M.Sc SDE


Karen Esau, M. Sc Ag. Sci Dalhousie University


Saddam Hussain, PhD Agri. Engg. University of Faisalabad


Humble Kahn, M.Sc Ag. Sci. Dalhousie University