The DUALEM uses electromagnetic induction to indirectly measure the conductivity of agricultural soils. This instrument provides apparent conductivity readings to depths of exploration of 1.6m and 3m.

Total Domain Reflectometry Moisture Sensor (TDR) 

The Moisture Sensor can be calibrated and used to measure the moisture content in a region of soil. The results of these measurements tend to have a relationship with the readings of the DUALEM.

Topcon FC-500 (RTK)

The Topcon FC-500 is a differential GPS device that is used to plot the boundary and points measured in agricultural fields. These plots are often used to produce yield maps of monitored fields for precision agriculture strategies.

CM 1000 NDVI Meter

The CM 1000 NDVI Meter is used as a tool to indicate how well the plants are growing. A proportion is given after having taken a reading from the leaves of a plant.

Slope Reader

The Slope Reader is an everyday level used in order to determine an average for the angle of the soil the crop is growing at in different areas of the field.

Temperature Reader

The Temperature Reader is a surface temperature gun used to gather the temperature of the soil at a given time.