Objectives of the Chair

The Chair is currently in its second (2020-2024) term. The following objectives, established during the initial four-year term, continue to guide the activities of the Chair:

  1. In collaboration with North-South-South partners, contribute to changing the rhetoric on the future of SIDS and SNIJs from one dominated by vulnerability and marginalisation to one influenced by resilience, innovation and entrepreneurship, all aspects of sustainable development.
  2. In collaboration with higher education scholars from SIDS and SNIJs in the South, develop research and engagement programmes that compare the development potential and trajectories of SIDS and SNIJs.
  3. Contribute to the training of the next generation of island studies scholars and practitioners.
  4. Translate scholarship on small island sustainability in ways that policy-makers, community organizations and practitioners can use in the short term.
  5. Contribute to the body of research on small islands that is accessible to all users by incorporating social media, web-based applications, and open-source platforms.