Unconscious Bias: When Good Intentions Aren’t Enough

Unconscious Bias: When Good Intentions Aren’t Enough, by Sarah E. Fiarman. Educational Leadership,  November 2016 | Volume 74 | Number 3.

“Deep-rooted biases hinder our best intentions. Learn how to recognize and address them.” A longer (5 pages) article that goes through a number of unconscious ways in which inequities can be perpetuated, and that challenges us all to hold each other accountable to make change.



Diversity is an organizational strength

“People from different backgrounds have varying ways of looking at problems, what I call ‘tools.’ The sum of these tools is far more powerful in organizations with diversity than in ones where everyone has gone to the same schools, been trained in the same mold and thinks in almost identical ways.”

– Scott E. Page, Professor of Complex Systems, Political Science and Economics, University of Michigan