Commuting Around UPEI

Trius Transit (T3) Bus Service

If you are living in Stratford, Cornwall or Stratford; Trius Transit (T3) reaches you! All UPEI students may use the T3 Bus for free, you will simply have to show your UPEI student ID when getting into the bus! You can view the bus schedule HERE!

Driving Around UPEI

If you own a vehicle and in PEI, you should consider purchasing a UPEI Parking Pass! These passes may be purchased at the Parking Kiosk which will be located on the main level of the W.A. Murphy Student Centre. To receive all adequate information, we recommend students to read the information HERE!
Note: UPEI Parking Passes are sold until they run out. Typically, these passes sell out QUICKLY! Passes are sold during the first couple of weeks of school, keep that in mind!

If you have questions or require additional information, please contact Parking Services at

Amenities Available to You Around Campus

  • Lockers are available for rent around the UPEI Campus. Find them located at the breezeway in Robertson Library and McDougall Hall. If you are interested in renting out a locker for the remainder of the year, read the instruction notes plastered in the front of each locker.
  • Showers are located at both the Chi-Wan Sports Centre and the Sustainable Design Engineering Building.
  • Food Banks are located at both the Chaplaincy Centre at the W.A. Murphy Student Centre. To find out more information about how to use these, be sure to check out their respective websites.

Storm closures: good ol’ PEI can get some rough weather and storm closures are bound to happen. A notice will be made by 6:30am if the campus isn’t opening in the morning, with a further announcement at 10am. For more information click here.

Have some free time between classes? There are so many things you can do and so many places to hang out. Free periods in your schedule are good times to get some studying or class readings done to stay on top of your work. They are also the perfect time to go to the campus pub and get a bite to eat, or go to the gym.

Some popular hangout spots include the campus pub, the library, society lounges, and MacMillan Hall in the Student Centre.