NSO Testimonials

NSO looks like a blast so check out what these NSO-goers have to say about it!

“I think that NSO is a full blown package of fun and information. It is that time of the year where the weather is perfect, you meet new people, make wonderful friends and learn more about the campus through fun filled activities. It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert – there is fun for all!”

Sim wants you ALL to sign up for NSO!

-Sim Gupta, 3rd-year Engineering student

“Every student should attend NSO because it is a great opportunity for incoming students to become comfortable with not only UPEI but Prince Edward Island as well. NSO is a great experience for everyone involved to have fun and make new friends.”

Colin loves NSO and so should you!

– Colin Doran, 4th-year Business student

” I met my first year best friend during the events the first night of NSO. I loved my experience as a first year student so much that I became a leader in my second year and plan to continue helping with NSO as long as I’m at UPEI.”

This is Sam, we like Sam

– Sam Arseneau, 3rd-year Psychology student

“… UPEI’s New Student Orientation is lots of fun, you get to meet lots of great people (both old and new) and it’s probably the best way to kick off the new academic year!”

Jose gives NSO two thumbs up!

-Jose Gonzalez, 3rd-year Psychology and Sociology student

“NSO is an awesome opportunity to make new friends and familiarize yourself with the campus before school starts and gets really challenging. The relationships you build can be a huge part of university life, and NSO is a great way to start.”

Jeff’s birthday lands on NSO this year! He wants you to come and celebrate with him!

– Jeff Gravina, 4th-year Music student

“…NSO is a great way to make friendships for a lifetime and to get to know your university, and find out really cool things about how to get more involved with your university and faculties!”

Laia is just one of our many super-cool NSO leaders!

-Laia BigEagle, 3rd-year Music student

“NSO is when UPEI goes from being a university to a home – come join us in September to be properly welcomed into the panther family!”

Amber is clearly laughing at all the crazy times she’s had at NSO

-Amber Laybolt, 3rd-year Nursing student

“I love NSO because of the people and the experiences. Some of my favourite UPEI memories involve NSO and I met some of my friends during NSO too. Every year I look forward to returning and seeing old friends and making new ones!”

Can you spot our NSO Leader Keegan?

-Keegan Dyment, 3rd-year Business student